Introduction to CS Bootcamp Recap

This school year is going to be a new and intriguing experience for many, especially the many freshmen who have to learn how to navigate an almost entirely online college semester. Some incoming freshmen specifically expressed concern about learning how to code and keeping up with material in their computer science classes. To help alleviate some of these worries, the CS department held an optional week-long boot camp run by Professor Elsa Gunter from August 12th through August 19th, of which some WCS officers took part in. This camp helped familiarize students with resources that freshmen would be using on campus. Meetings included an introduction to git and some beginner-friendly coding concepts.

Git Workshop

Professor Gunter created repositories for all the students via and pushed starter code into the student’s repositories. The Lab Assistants helped the students pull the starter code from these repositories and add changes into commits. The students then learned to push the finished code back into


Example of an if-statement in Snap
Example of a for-loop in Snap

Students used snap code put in their repositories by Professor Gunter to create a card game layout. The game allowed students to understand the usage of functions and variables in developing code.

Python Programming

Students also learned about IDE’s(Integrated Development Environments) like PyCharm and Python IDLE (Integrated Development and Learning Environment).

Office Hours

The camp was managed and overseen by Professor Elsa Gunter. Lab assistants were chosen and had meetings prior to the sessions, in which discussions on activities for the day would take place.

A Confidence Booster

Lab Assistants

  • Aaksa Nair
  • Angie Cheng
  • Ankitha Damisetty
  • Anuraag Agarwal
  • Ariane Taraki
  • Charlie Jung
  • Dev Satpathy
  • Dev Wadhwa
  • Matthew Jakimovski
  • Nikita Jain
  • Richard Gunter



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