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  • Brad Petersen

    Brad Petersen

    Director of Communications for Electrical and Computer Engineering at ILLINOIS

  • Major League Hacking

    Major League Hacking

    Official articles from Major League Hacking

  • Nora Benson

    Nora Benson

    UX/UI designer passionate about emerging technologies, self-directed learning, and using design to improve the world we live in. Portfolio at www.norabenson.com

  • DadofDivas


    One Dad's Quest to Regain Control of His Kingdom.Writer of #dadsinthelimelight series & #dadchat co-host #imagelogger & nice #guy / #dad http://dadofdivas.com

  • Meera Parat

    Meera Parat

    UIUC Computer Science Engineer. TEDxUIUC Director of Tech. I-L-L!

  • Shawna Culp

    Shawna Culp

    Do you know someone with a disability? An elderly parent or grandparent? Broken a leg? Ever tried to take all the groceries in in one trip? #UniversalDesign

  • Matthew Dierker

    Matthew Dierker

    Facebooker, Googler, & future Dropboxer! @IllinoisCS student & @HackIllinois organizer. I love to code, enjoy making friends, and am sometimes a Minion. :)

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