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What is this series?

3 min readSep 21, 2020

WCS is presenting an informative video series about the research our professors have done, using computer science applications, to impact different fields of work. This will allow young teenagers, and possibly even *you* reading this, to learn more about the opportunities available through studying computer science! We are bringing professors from all fields of expertise to talk about how they have used computer science to complete their research and how it affects the field they work in, as well as communities around the world!

information about the series from our flyer!

Why this series?

While many teens in the US have the potential to use computer science and do amazing things, stereotypes surrounding the tech industry have prevented the growth that this field truly requires and deserves. Contrary to popular belief, computer science researchers and students don’t have a specific “look”, there is no “100% right way”, and there is no “I don’t have the ability”. Anyone can be a coder or software developer, all it takes is the interest and effort!

Through this series we hope aspiring, uncertain, and interested students alike will be able to gain better insight into how computer science can help you actualize your personal goals and interests. Computer science work is not just what it looks like in the media — it can be fun, interactive, and fulfilling. Not all computer scientists sit around a computer screen all day, and not all of us are code monkeys! We hope to show through this series that computer science is more than what it seems, and can be used in a vast number of fields in various ways!!

Who is this series for?

If you are concerned or worried about how you can contribute to the CS community while also staying in line with your personal interests, this is the series for you! Throughout the next few months, we will introduce the impactful research that professors across the U of I community have participated in, displaying how diverse the CS field truly is. We will display how regular computer science research can be used in amazing ways to further community development and help aid people in their daily lives. Whether it be SHIELD (COVID-19) testing, finding the next galaxy, building new accessibility features, or building the new supercomputer, computer science is applicable and impactful!

If you are an aspiring CS student and want to learn how you can use computer science in another field that you may be interested in, make sure to stay updated with what we have coming in the next few months!

What to look out for?

For now, stay excited and look forward to our next blog post detailing the videos we will be posting in the month of October! Our series kicks off on October 3rd with an extremely intriguing presentation — make sure to check it out on our YouTube channel, and check for updates on our website, facebook page, and other forms of social media!

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